Zhou Golden Dawn Shaman


Max Res 3
Max inf 3
Strength 2
Reflexes 4
Movement 3
Focus 4
Intelligence 2
Perception 3

Fate 2

Trained skills:
Culture***, physical, resolve, awareness, Survival, Bio-Tech, Small arms, Exotic, Operations, and Gunnery.

Equipment slots.
Infester Whip.


Doubtful of the effectiveness of outside influence on the barely contained hunger of her people, Jî’é, once being granted leave from Praid (Planet), Spent time studying with the Golden Dawn Shamans in order to learn discipline and control over her own hunger.

Study involved communing with each cell in her form, making them move in concert, directing their desires as one, interpreting their information quickly and effectively, and being highly aware of her own physical drives and desires.

After years of study, Jî’é took her shamanistic name, Meaning Hunger, to remind her of there constant struggle, and left the triple to join her people in a search for control over the hunger that could destroy them all.


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